Sales and Lettings

Whether you are the Owner of a commercial property seeking to either sell your freehold interest or find a satisfactory new Tenant or whether you are an existing Tenant seeking to dispose of your lease, we can provide you with expert advice on the relative values and the best methods of marketing. Our website has been existence for a long time now and has proven to have good penetration into the commercial property market. We also have an extensive database of applicants looking for a variety of properties throughout our area. Should you choose to instruct us, your project will be handled personally one of our two Directors who are both qualified Chartered Surveyors.

Rent Reviews

Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant it is important that any changes in rent are accurately assessed and properly negotiated. As active commercial property agents we have our own in-house records and access to the details of many other transactions. Call us for a quote.

We can act for you on a success related fee basis or a fixed charge. YOU CHOOSE.

Lease Renewals

These represent an opportunity to review both the rent and also the lease terms. Renewal procedures are strictly controlled by statute so it is important that professional advice is sought early on in the process (ideally twelve months before the expiry date). We will work closely with your Solicitors to ensure your rights are protected and the best terms achieved. Fees are as per rent reviews plus there is an hourly rate option.

Rating Appeals

After rent, business rates are often the second highest property expense for the occupier of commercial property and therefore it is extremely important to ensure that your assessment is correct and that you are not overpaying.

There are many so called “experts” offering their services in this area some of whom use tele-sales and cold calling techniques but if you would prefer to use a local firm with an established and reliable track record, please telephone us for a quotation on 01883 723888.

Acquisition Services

We frequently act for companies in their search for new or additional premises. Our experience is that this saves our Clients time enabling them to get on with the job of running their business.

Having agreed a brief with you, we will research the market using our many sources for information and report to you on the options available. We back this up with advice on values and we will act on your behalf to negotiate the best terms available for the chosen property liaising with all parties, including Solicitors, through to completion.

If you feel this proactive approach would help you but would like more information we will be happy to discuss your requirements and will be pleased to provide references from satisfied clients if required. The initial briefing is on a non-commitment basis.


If you are looking to invest in commercial property or sell an existing portfolio, we are active in the market place and can provide the professional advice to help you make the right decisions.


We have a large number of applicants looking for development opportunities for both commercial and residential uses. If you own a building or land which you feel could have development potential we would be very happy to work with you to determine the viable alternatives and their respective values.